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Please Join Us for Worship
Worship is at the heart of the Christian community. Who we are, why we’re here, and our core values are shaped, nurtured and empowered as we gather to worship. We come together to hear God’s word, participate in the means of grace through the sacraments, and offer our prayers and our praise. Worship is where we are fed, nourished, strengthened, challenged so we can be the disciples we are called to be. We are claimed by God and named beloved. We are enabled by the Holy Spirit to be agents of Christ’s light, love, blessing and peace in the world.

Sunday worship with Holy Communion is offered each week at 9:30 am. Most services run about an hour and a quarter. (We have really comfortable chairs.) Besides Sundays, additional services are offered at special seasons and celebrations, and during the summer. See the Monthly Calendar and Newsletter links for details.

Here, you’ll experience both traditional and contemporary expressions in worship. We are not particularly rigid about when either is scheduled. It’s not unusual for us to blend elements of the contemporary and the traditional. ALL has numerous talented musicians who play a variety of instruments. A group of vocalists often leads and supports congregational singing. We are called to make a "joyful noise" to the Lord!

For the first part of the service, children participate in worship. Following Children’s Time they go to Sunday school classes (September—May), returning later in the service. See the Sunday School link for more details.

We welcome children in worship and enjoy their energy and lively spirit. If younger ones become too restless, colourful activity bags with soft toys and quiet activities are provided at the usher’s table. Please help yourself. A quiet room just off the sanctuary with a window and soundfeed allows parents/caregivers of infants and toddlers to stay connected with worship while tending to their child’s needs.

ALLC practices communion of the baptized. It is our Lord Jesus Christ who is the host of this meal and all are welcome.

What to expect when you visit Abundant Life for worship:
Greeters at the door will welcome you and help you with things like where to hang your coats, show you around and direct you to the worship space. They can answer questions you might have about worship and other church activities.

Ushers at the entrance to the sanctuary will give you a bulletin, which is a printed order of service. They can help you find a seat and will offer direction for moving forward for Communion later in the service. Ushers can also answer questions about the service or other church activities.

Sometimes you will need a hymnbook during the service, sometimes the service is printed in its entirety in the bulletin, or projected. This will be announced at the beginning of the service.

We hope you will be blessed by your participation in worship at ALL.
Following the service you are invited to a time of refreshments and conversation in the multi-purpose room next to the sanctuary.











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