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To view the entire Abundant Life Lutheran Church Constitution click here.


Abundant Life Lutheran Constitution

Membership in the congregation
    To become a member of Abundant Life Lutheran Church a person shall be a baptized Christian, is expected to attend worship and Holy Communion regularly, participate in the life of the congregation and financially support the congregation as he/she has been blessed.

The Constitution of the Congregation reads:

ARTICLE IV   Membership

Section 1. The membership of this congregation consists of those baptized persons who:

a.    Have been baptized in this congregation, or
b.    Having been previously baptized in the name of the Triune God, have been received either by

i.         Transfer from another Lutheran congregation,
ii.         Confirmation, or
iii.         Affirmation of faith.

Section 2. Members of this congregation may also be classified as
confirmed and voting.

a.    Confirmed members are baptized members who have been:

i.         Confirmed in this congregation,
ii.       Received by adult baptism,
iii.      Received by transfer as confirmed members from another Lutheran congregation,
iv.    Received by affirmation of faith as baptized adults.


  1. Voting members are confirmed members or otherwise designated members in good standing.

Section 3. United in one Lord, one faith and one Baptism, the members of this congregation are to be constant in worship and in the study of the Holy Scriptures, regularly nourishing their life in Christ in the Sacrament of the Altar, presenting their children for Holy Baptism and providing for their Christian instruction.

The members are called by the Spirit to lead godly lives, to promote the unity and welfare of the congregation in the bond of peace, to proclaim the Gospel and to renounce the evil one. The commitment of each baptized member to this call is to be expressed through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, its synods and this congregation by a life of repentance, faith, prayer and the sharing of resources.

Section 4. Membership in this congregation shall be terminated by any of the following:
      a.       Death
      b.       Resignation
      c.       Transfer or release
      d.       Dismissal
      e.       Inactivity

Section 5. A confirmed member who does not, for a period of one year, partake of Holy Communion, support the church with offerings and participate in the life and worship of the congregation shall be visited by the pastor and the congregation’s officers and be encouraged by them to active membership. If, during the second year, the confirmed member does not actively participate, the member’s name may be removed from the membership roster of the congregation, but it shall be retained on a responsibility list as one who is in special need of the congregation's prayer and concern.

Section 6. A member who advocates doctrines which are contrary to the holy Scriptures and the Confessions of the Church or who is guilty of conduct that is grossly unbecoming a member of the body of Christ shall be subject to discipline.

Section 7. Discipline in the congregation shall be exercised in accordance with Matthew 18: 15-18.

Section 8. Discipline shall be administered by the Congregational Council.  A person who is requested to appear before the Congregational Council shall be advised in writing no less than ten days prior to the hearing.  The written notice shall include the time and place of the hearing and shall specify the exact reason for the hearing.  If a person fails to appear at the time and place without valid excuse, the council may proceed with the hearing and may reach its conclusion in the member’s absence.  Should the person be found guilty by a two-thirds vote of the members of the council, the council shall impose one of the following:
                a. Censure before the Congregational Council or the congregation
                b. Suspension from membership until evidence is given of sufficient                   repentance and amendment.
                c. Exclusion from membership and denial of the Sacraments.

In the event of the imposition of  b or c above, the action of the council shall be in writing.

Section 9 There shall be the right of appeal to the congregation. Right of further appeal from a decision of the congregation shall be as provided in the constitution and bylaws of the synod.







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